Dental Health Awareness Society (REGD), Panchkula came into being on 3rd March 1999 with an aim to spread awareness about dental diseases, their treatment and management. Dental health education plays an essential role in not only prevention of dental diseases but also for maintenance of good oral hygiene for life time.

The two decades of tireless efforts by the team in educating the young and old of tricity has received a tremendous response. The interest, inquisitiveness and the indulgence by all age groups has encouraged us to continue our efforts towards our vision.

We have been pioneers in introducing innovative programs every year to make the whole project effective and sustainable.


To educate people about the importance of oral health and hygiene especially children.

To reach out to the under privileged sections of the society and provide free dental treatment.

The goal of the organization is to achieve zero cavity status for all who cannot afford quality dental treatment in its geographic outreach by the year 2020.


Normal Schools, nearby villages, urban slums, Orphanages and Old Age Homes

Major Projects Undertaken are School Dental Health Education where school going children are examined and free dental treatment is provided to under privileged children. Children are also given training regarding oral hygiene maintenance. Dental checkup and treatment camps are regularly conducted at orphanages and urban slum schools that have been adopted by the society. DHAS also undertakes senior dental care where free dental camp for senior citizen council and residents of old age home is conducted regularly. Free dental camps and awareness programs are conducted every month at the nearby villages.

Regular talks on Oral Health Education are conducted in schools in collaboration with various NGO’s like Rotary Club, Vatsal Chhaya etc. Travelling Dental Exhibitions on dental health awareness are organized every year at various locations in and around the tricity. DHAS also undertakes publication of annual magazine on dental health, quarterly news letters, E BOOK on children’s dentistry and Brochures for free circulation. Research projects are also undertaken to study the prevalence of dental diseases among school children, to study adolescent dental health.


  1. All activities are very well organized and meticulously planned.
  2. The team of dentists conducting the camp are qualified and trained specialists.
  3. Strict aseptic measures and sterilization practices followed during the camp.
  4. Treatment procedures are done on Sundays for camp patients receiving free dental treatment.
  5. All the students examined receive the report of their dental health status on a proforma .
  6. Brochures on maintaining good oral hygiene are distributed to all the school children.

The team of DHAS team constitutes of four dentists, two dental assistants, one tooth fairy and one manager who work in coordination to achieve the goals of the society.


The schools adopted by DHAS have shown a marked improvement in oral health and hygiene as there has been decrease in the incidence of caries among children of these schools. Almost ten thousand school children have been made aware about dental caries and golden rules for good dental health. The beneficiaries also include about 550 under privileged children from orphanages, deaf and dumb school, urban slums who receive free dental treatment and oral health kits.

  1. Tooth Fairy Education Program has received a tremendous applause from school authorities and our team is specially invited for health education activities in schools of tricity.
  2. An electronic book on A-Z of children’s dentistry is being provided free to all school libraries for mass oral health education.
  3. The DHAS had launched the Smile Express, a Mobile dental van for rural health activities of the society so that the patients get treatment at the camp and need not travel to far off hospitals and clinics for dental treatments.
  4. The society is also putting in special efforts for preventing oral cancer through the oral cancer screening camps held twice a year at the clinic.
Our innovative approach to educate the masses has started showing the results. We feel a deep sense of satisfaction when parents confirm the drastic change in brushing and eating habits of their children. As goes the oriental saying:
If your vision is few months, cultivate flowers.
If your vision is few years, cultivate trees.
If your vision is eternity, cultivate people.